Before hordes of anxious teens with studded belts huddled together to watch talentless emo bands, there was Cherri Rokkett, the premier Chicago hair-metal band from the 80’s. And depending on who you ask, Cherri Rokkett is the greatest hair-metal band, ever. Ask any woman who has taken a "Rokkett Ride" and she’d agree. But wait, let us begin at the beginning. 


The band a.k.a Robbie Vasquez, George Andrian, Jonathon Mark and Lee E!, formed in 1988 in Chicago and was focused on partying hard, living fast and performing killer live shows. Cherri Rokkett was as much about the music as it was about mirroring the reckless rock-star lifestyle, their mantra “life is tough as it is, so let’s have fun” was very fitting. Their suggestive lyrics packed the house with beautiful women show after show and the men flocked too, to see all the women. Cherri Rokkett had a well known reputation for pure debauchery when they weren’t on the stage, and could always be found out and about in the city at any hour. Cultivating their image through constant advertising, Cherri Rokkett, played to sold-out shows all around Chicago.  Oh, and they were loud. Real loud.